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I’m going to start posting about Prepaid Wireless topics. To start off, most of what I’m going to post about are things I could not find any “good” resources on. As time goes on I might start posting about other related topics. Subscribe or follow me for updates.




I will be more than happy to respond to comments made on my own blog posts, on this site. This is the way I prefer to talk about the topics I post about.

Personally message me at lyroma@protonmail.com

I guarantee nothing if trying to contact me on through other channels.

Limited interaction on Reddit. Twitter will be used to notify about new blog posts. Not much more.

Contributions Welcome

I’m not doing this to get rich, or to make a living. This blog is a hobby done in my spare time. A little goes a long way here.

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This Thing of Ours

I would not have made a public blog if I wanted to keep this information to myself. Feel welcome to comment on blog posts, I moderate all comments. Please be respectful of not only me but others.