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How To Get Started With This Page

This page is a collection of links gathered from around the web to make these great resources from various sites available on one resource page. I won’t take up space on this page with a long exposition.

The pricing and discounts sections will be on top as I expect those to be the most popular links. Use the Table of Contents to skip to the section you want.

Please visit this following page if you are a beginner in this space and would like some hand-holding through this resource page.

I will be adding more resources, as well as ensuring that all the links stay updated, so check back often!

Prepaid Section

This section will primarily deal with the prepaid portion of the wireless market. For postpaid click here.

Compare Plans And Prices

Comprehensive Price Comparison Tool For Many Prepaid Carriers

Every Popular Unlimited Plan Compared

Another Price Comparison Tool. Scroll Down To Get Past The Sponsored and “Top Picks” For An Accurate Comparison.

Group/Family Plans Savings

Cricket Wireless Groups

Referral Codes

Cashback on Online Purchases

Prepaid Wireless Blogs and News

Aggregate of news articles from around the web, mostly about prepaid wireless

Mobile wireless blog covering a variety of topics

Mobile wireless blog mostly covering topics related to RV’ers, but often post helpful material.

Youtube Channels

Sneed Mobile Tech

Stetson Doggett

Prepaid Wireless Forums

Forum primarily about prepaid wireless topics

Forum primarily about prepaid wireless topics

Which Companies Own Which Companies

Prepaid Carrier Profiles

Deals & Discounts

Prepaid & Unlocked Phones -

Referrals & Promo/Coupon Codes -

Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards Add Another Layer Between Merchants and Your Bank Account/Debit Card.

Apple Section

Links For Apple Specific Devices.

Apple Resource on Which Carriers Support Various iPhone Features

Apple Resource on Which Carriers Support Apple Watch

Apple Resource on Which Carriers Support eSIM

4G LTE & 5G Frequency Bands For Every Carrier

Group/Family Plans Savings -

Referral Codes For Various Prepaid Carriers -

Cashback Portals

If You Plan On Making An Online Purchase, You Might Consider Going Through A Cashback Portal. Many Popular Mobile Wireless Stores Are Available. This Is An Aggregate Site Where You Can Compare The Best Rate For Many Popular Cashback Portals.

Prepaid Wireless Blogs and News -

Prepaid Wireless Forums -

Which Companies Own Which Companies

Prepaid Carrier Profiles -

Deals & Discounts -

Prepaid & Unlocked Phones -



Referrals & Promo/Coupon Codes -

*** Virtual Cards to Use With Prepaid Carriers


Free Trials

These Free Trials Are Available At Zero Cost. Avaiable For A Potential Customer To Test Out The Carrier.

eSIM Only -

T-Mobile - 90 Days / Unlimited Everything

Verizon - 30 Days / Unlimited Everything

Visible by Verizon - 15 Days / Unlimited Everything

Google Fi - 7 Days / Unlimited Everything

eSIM and Physical SIM Available -


Cricket Wireless - 14 Days / 3GB

Mint Mobile - 7 Days / 250 Talk/Text/MB Each

Physical SIM Only -

Boost Mobile - 30 Days / 2GB

Very Cheap $1-$5 Plans -

  • Mint Mobile 7 Day Trial -

Data Prioritization Policies

Data Prioritization Policies And The Corresponding QCI Values Determines A Customers Experience On A Carrier.

Summary and Discussion of QCI Values and Which Carriers Fall Under Which Designation

Detailed Overview of QCI Values

2nd Hand Market-Places for Used Phones -



Advanced Section

  • LTE & 5G Compatibility

AT&T Compatible Devices

Coverage Maps -

Verizon -

T-Mobile -

AT&T -

Postpaid Resources

Deals & Discounts

Verizon -

AT&T -

T-Mobile -

Purchase In-Person



Best Buy

Micro Center

Government Subsidized Programs

ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) -


This is just a collection of links.

Oh well, I am happy to be able to share this information with you all.

Which plan did you end up activating?


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