How to Contribute

Why Contribute?

lyroma is a one-person hobby project and is not currently generating any sort of revenue. Any revenue generated will be directed to improving this site and compensating contributors.

What Kind of Help is Wanted?

Help of all sorts would be appreciated. I go over some ways you can contribute below.


It is no secret that my writing sucks. Literally any help would be great.


I would like to translate this site to other languages. Doing so would make this information accessible to those who cannot read English.

Initially, the language I would like to focus on would be

  • Spanish

The preferred dialect would be Mexican Spanish.

Any other languages would be too burdensome to keep up-to-date at the moment.

I want to get one right and then see if I can expand.

I might post some referral links from time to time. This could be an easy way to contribute.


If you simply want to show gratitude then I can accept the following

Send Any Amount You Want!

  • Amazon Gift Card

Available at many places in-person and online. You can send as little as $1 USD on the Amazon website.

Send it here -

  • Bitcoin

  • Monero



About Cryptocurrencies -

If you want to donate a cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin or Monero, email me as I might be able to get something worked out.

I can also provide a private address if you prefer, where possible.